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Default Re: what if you just don't tip

Yikes- AM I I to beleive what I jusy walked inro ? A tipping sh&t storm. I have this down to a clasp. whoever doesnt likke the tipping araingment can go to where they love you , i.e. MC' D's is a possibility. You can verbally abuse them there ( and get sued ))

If you dont like it dont bite it- don't come in - read me all tourists and everyon else. That is all people who do not like it . Otherwise , shall I hire your weak little cousin from %^& to wash the dishes? Do you think the job pool is so great ,? maybe in bumf789 it is but not here in LOS ANGelos> WE have to treat our employees with great respect if you think you want your bum rubbed you must pay for the great servive you receive and expect when you ship into to town. don't get me started on the so= called Benefits...

PS . We have families , too.
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