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Default Re: what if you just don't tip

Nic I could barely understand your post, appparently besides a different sort of job market , LA also has a different sort of language.
I really don't get 50% of your lingo, but, the part I understand seems to say" don't go out if you don't tip", is that correct?

BTW, Most Alaskan pilots love their job and love living in Alaska( my uncle was a bush pilot for many , many years) and would not leave to live somewhere cheaper regardless. They do make a crap load of money, and they love doing you tourists! Ha Ha, keep on tipping .
I would NEVER compare an Alaskan pilot with a dishwasher, which btw, when is the last time you tippped a dishwasher.?
Dishwashers make crappy money and the work is hard and dirty.
Alaskan pilots love their job, often own their own planes, and their work is decently paid.
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