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Default Re: Tipping your Travel Agent

Tipping your TA is a very nice idea. For her to do all that work for you and then for whatever reason not being able to book that cruise a small gift is a fantastic thank you. So many TA's have gone to the idea of a plan to go fee because of all the time they do spend researching and planning your trip for you then to be told you can't go or have found a better price on the internet that they can't afford to do all this work for free. I know for some people it may not seem like a lot of work but in busy seasons it can take upwards of a couple of hours on hold to get pricing, cabin assigments faxing back and forth etc etc. The idea of a small gift goes a very long way in letting your TA know how much you appreciate all the work they do for you. When I do my best to plan a vacation for a client the thing I really like to get from them is a postcard from their destination or a thank you card when they get home telling me what a great time they had!

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