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Default Re: what to tip Maitre d?

Ok Bob, I just don't agree with your assessement of what a " head waiter is and what they actually do" , having worked in the business I think I can assure you a head watier who doees not actually serve or do table side service , is not the same as a waiter, thier pay scale IS different, no matter how they lied to you on the cruise ship to solict your sympathy for more tips.

How many of us have actually had any service performed by a " head waiter"? I have never, all they do is come by the table to suck up for tips.

PS Bob I didn't take your comment s personally, I realize that tipping is a sensitive subject and we all have all feeling on it, suffice to say, I tip my waiter and bus boy, and I am not demanding. I just don't have this tip, tip, tip mentality that some cruisers seem to have and that may be a cultaral thing as I believe Americans have the most tip centered thinking re service then any other country in the world!
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