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Default Re: Re: what to tip Maitre d?

Hi pg, it is not possible to compare shipboard dining and all it entails to land based restaurants. They are two completely different enviroments. Like you I would not consider tipping a headwaiter in a land based restaurant (assuming the restaurant even had them) unless something extra was done. Land based restaurants may have a Maitre d' who will get tips if a service is extended whereas the Maitre d' onboard is a ship's officer and will most likely turn down a tip if offered. Onboard the headwaiter is part of my gratuity package because I know what is going on aboard ship. Experienced cruisers don't have a tip,tip mentality- it is the way things have been done on cruise ships for decade after decade etc. It is because of the explosion in cruising the last 10-12 years or so that this problem has surfaced-tens of thousands of new cruisers who don't know and frankly, don't care. The cruise lines themselves have not done a good job of explaining a lot of the nuances of cruising. That is why the extending of gratuities to the service providers will disappear and the cost added to the fare. Also, I have a fairly good idea of when someone is trying to shoot me lines of BS.
For showcat- the Maitre d' gets nothing, the Headwaiter gets .75 cents pp/per night of your cruise == $5.25 for a 7 night cruise per person...$6.00 for an 8 night cruise.
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