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Default Re: Stop the Insanity!

We just returned from our 1st cruise. We prepaid our gratuities. 15% was added automatically to our drink orders. All well worth it. My children and I agree that tips are the way to show those who made our vacation so awesome that we appreciate it ~ and greatly. We do not take such things for granted. We gave additional tips to our cabin stewart and head waitress because we wanted to show our appreciation for their special attention. Yes, it is their job. But we enjoyed showing them how much we enjoyed their hospitality. Without it, our trip would have not been a dream come true. Plus it just feels good to show appreciation to someome who, (even though it is their job) treats us like kings and queens for a few days of our life. Kinda like ~ You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. We became friends with these wonderful people and wish them joy and happiness and wish to contribute to their happiness in life as they have in ours.
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