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Default Re: Stop the Insanity!

"I too agree that tipping is nothing more the company (restaurant, cruise line, etc) trying to pay less to the workers and guilting the customers into supplementing the wages.".........sblahars

I own a restaurant and bar and I can tell you for a fact tipping has absolutely no impact on my business. If tipping was not the custom their wages would be built into the price of the products. You see, we have to make sure our employees earn enough money to want to stay in the job. Instead of paying $10 for the dinner and $1.50 in tip you'll be paying $11.50 for the dinner and no tip. It makes no difference to me other than I know human behaviour will change and service to my customers will suffer if the servers are guaranteed their money.

I have servers who make out very well because they HUSTLE and some who are just slow. Each person works at their own productivity level. If they were paid a straight wage and not tips then the ones who really hustle have no rewards more than the ones who are slow.

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