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Default Re: Re: 10 Dollars a Day Per Person?

Lets say your paying 700pp for a 7 night cruise for two people thats 1400 that includes meals and entertainment and lodging, and a extra 140 for tips that would be 1540pp. Ok now lets say your going on a land vacation for 7nights that avg room is about 150 per night for a decent hotel room, that would be 1050 plus you add the 12 percent hotel tax on to the bill that would be 1176, so then you have to eat so you add on another 80.00 a day that would bring your total up to 1736, and then you ad on entertainmet that would be about 200 total for 7 nights that would be 1936. This is based on no alcohol intake, so now lets firgures this out you will save 496.00 going on cruise. So tipping 10 dollars a day per person is cheap.
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