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Default Re: We'll never tip again.

As I am soon to embark on my first cruise I am wondering why some people swear they have received fantastic service and other people swear that their service was poor. It seems to me that if staff know they are going to get yay amount without lifting a finger, then it must be the lazy burnt out or I dont care staff that is giving this poor service. If I was a staff member I would complain about these lazy individuals as next time those people cruise they wouldnt leave me an extra tip for the wonderful service I hope that I would provide. Seems to me a change in personel or better training may help!!! As some writters have pointed out, they chose to work onboard and I think a smiling happy attitude should be expected at all times, even after the tip has been handed out. Since I am cruising with Hal I will be paying the 10 per day which is fine but weather after reading some of these forums I will go beyond that ...well...the jury is still out....

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