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Default Re: tipping on princess cruises

As an accountant I have to take exception to those who decry the idea of budgetting; how the hell do you think the general population gets into the mess they do when it comes to money??? It matters not a jot whether you talk in terms of $ or - If you cannot afford it don't do it and borrowing at the exorbitant rates credit card companies charge is the first step on a ladder but going down! I, like many others on this forum, have cruised many times and know the ropes (do not neccessarily like or agree with them but..) so lets have a little sympathy for someone who obviously a) has not cruised before and b) missed the small print and yes it is small. I also come from England and was completely astounded to watch all and I mean ALL the Americans on a recent cruise leave the shore excursions without leaving a cent as a tip. More worrying was on a trip in Costa Rica (not exactly the world's richest country) where free cans of beer and Coke were given out before a boat trip up a canal an American arrived back on the bus carrying a bag full of free drinks! I am not per se having a pop at you over there but lets accept that not all is right your side of the pond; you started this tipping phenomenon so sort it! p.s. why do you think there is no word for "Tip" in Japanese???
Bet this starts something going!!!!Paul
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