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Default Re: tipping on princess cruises

To the O. P. Jayne - you do not have to tip, no one forces you to - cruise lines could include it in the price but the price would be higher. Thus you could not afford it either way. To not tip is - in a word - CHEAP - regardless of who started the custom. If cruiselines had to pay "living wages" to their staff then no-one but the super rich could afford to cruise. Tips are a way of subsidising the staff and most of us are more than happy to do it - and many of us tip over and above - mostly because we can, and we enjoy the special treatment. If you do not intend to tip - then be gracious enough to tell them that - ahead of time! Ya right - like that woud ever happen - because then you might get the service you actually "didn't" intend pay for. TTFN Jennifer
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