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Default Tipping on Carnival Legend

We're going to be taking our first cruise as a family of 4, 2 adults, 2 little kids. I was told that $10 a day would be taken out of our Sign & Sail (shipboard account) each day for EACH of us.. kids too. Personally, I don't want to tip upfront.. I would much rather tip based on the service I feel I've received. I plan to get the *instant gratuities* removed off our S&S card when we board the ship. Without getting FLAMED by all you die-hard-tippers out there... I want to know if anyone HAS DONE THIS and whether they were heavily drilled by the purser with horrid questions when they asked to have the gratuities removed ?? Also.... someone commented earlier that they always tip cause they don't want the waiter putting boogers in their dinner, etc.. My question would be, HOW DOES THE WAITER KNOW that you had the gratuities removed off your account? Do they have access to this information during your cruise? If so, does this mean the cabin stewards, etc also have access to this personal information?
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