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Default Re: Excursion tipping

i always tip Divemasters when I go diving and the boat helpers.Usually 10 to DM and 3-4 for each matethat assisted. I hate to see people that require so much help in the prep to getting in the water. just hop off the boat and not tip.

Any private excursion My wife and I do, If we have a good experience( which has been everytime) We tip $5-10 pp, depending on what we recieved as info, extra care, whatever made our experience what it did.

We went on a snorkle/dive boat in Cozumel and I tell you. I loved the diving experience.
But what really made me smile the most. My wife was snorkleing this trip and the snorkel guide did not make her wear flippers. (she hates them) and when we were traveling back to port on the dive boat she had questions about a few fish she had seen.
The snorkle instructor pulled out a photo album and sat down and started showing her the pictures for her to pick out what fish she was talking about. My wife was lit up talking to this guide. I was short cash after tipping the DM and the mates and this attendant .So i gave her $5 and I got her email and I sent her $15 thru paypal on our return home. She was jewel, Loved her job and her Country.

We'll be in Cozumel in November and I have already booked with these folks again.


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