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Default Re: Mandatory on Carnival????

Let me try to add something to this. We just got off the ecstasy. My TA asked if I wanted to go ahead and add tips to the price of my trip. I told her yes, because I didn't want to worry about doing the right thing all during the trip. She told me that if i didn't wnat to do it then, I could wait and it would come out of my S&S card. Once on the ship, we gave one's and fives to people that went out of there way for us. The only envelope I saw was the last night and it was for the diningroom staff. it was not manatory, but we did put a little in it, and thanked the staff. We were lucky i guess, because everyone was very nice. They cleaned only when we were out of the cabin, they brought us what we wanted, room service, etc. It made me feel good to know that I could show our appreciation. If the service had been bad, then I could have gone and had it taken off, I guess, but thankfully I didn't have to worry about it. The problem with these types of conversations are that newbies get confused, and they are the ones wanting to learn all they can.


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