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Default Re: We'll never tip again.

I wonder why some people even go on vacation. We have all had to sit at a table on a cruise with someone who is constantly complaining about tipping, dress, etc. I even sat next to a woman who complained about the sun and heat in the Caribbean constantly (ummm it is the Caribbean). I think some peoples idea of a good vacation is having something to complain about.

At least it gives us something to talk about later. Our last cruise we sat with a couple like that and it gave the rest of us a common bond. Like we had been through the war together :-) When we would see each other on deck we would jokingly complain about something trivial "Darn towel animals, how am I expected to dry myself with an elephant". So you habitual complainers and unhappy people thanks for the entertainment . Let me know what cruise you are taking next time and I will send you a platter of cheese to go with your whine.
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