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Default Re: tipping the kids crew

I am glad to have found this thread b/c I had never thought of tipping the RCI kids' staff until the last night of my last cruise (last week) when I saw a man hand one of the staff a tip. I know they are salaried, but is it a decent salary or would they need tips to make it so? Also, how do you know if they pool them--like someone said, there are different ones working with the different groups throughout the cruise, and you can't tip them all! So would it be appropriate to just go to one of the staff that I saw a lot and say "Here's something extra, do you pool your tips" or something like that? I'm not looking for MORE people to tip but these youth staff make our cruise fantastic b/c of the care they give the kids. So I'd be interested in hearing opinions on this! Thanks, Pam

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