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Jean S
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Default Re: We'll never tip again.

Tipping as we all can agree is a cultural thing. I was brought up in an environment where tipping was the polite and appropriate thing to do. I often travel to Canada and I frequent the same restaurants when I go. I do tip and you know what....those waiters remember me and I do get great service. My Canadian relatives and friends always whine and complain when I tip and I really don't care. They tell me American tourists create tipping expectations in their country. I am sure the waiters don't mind serving meals to those "tipping crazed Americans." If someone gives me good service I will continue to tip on land and at sea. We usually cruise with Princess where the tips are added to your account. If our room attendant gives us good service we always tip him/her something extra on the last day of the cruise. We have always been thanked with a handshake and "thank you" and a smile. Tipping is like many things in our culture. There are particular expectations according to where you live and how you were raised. As for the comment about the cruise ships not being American...they may not be American owned but the vast majority of passengers ARE Americans. Maybe that is why tipping is widely expected and practiced.
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