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Okay this probably doesn't affect all of you like it does me.

I cannot eat meat, dairy products, or eggs. I have been on 9 cruises on 5 different lines. While they have vegetarian meals and selections, many of them contain dairy or eggs. Typically however people wanting vegetarian selections can and will eat selections that do not have dairy or eggs. I tis alos possible to make meals that do not contain diary or eggs yet ADD a cream sauce or cheese for instance, if someone so desires. It is impossible to modify a selection however it is already made with eggs and diary.

It is so dissapointing to go to the buffett or have a meal and something simply has been filled with cheese or cheese sprinkled as "garnish" all over it. It isn't hard to leave a bowl of cheese next to an item for people to add if they desire...don't put it in to begin with.

I would like to see cruise lines perpare meals without the dairy and eggs. There are many, many tasty recipes. Not all (reall y none of) the vegetarians selections need them. I think if people have a choice, it would tend to save some food costs, and open up new things for all people to try.

Also since I am meals are meat.. Do not suggest fish if I say I cannot eat meat. Soups made with chicken stock or beef stock are also meat based. Don't tell me they are okay as they are not. Okay that is more of a rant...but it happens way more than it should.....
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