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They could easily ask at the time of booking who would like "formal" seating and who would like "casual" seating and then divide the dining room up accordingly.

I actually prefer the buffet to the dining room, but I know most people would much rather dine in the dining room and it's just not fair to stick them at the buffet just because they don't want to play dress up. Judging by how crowded the buffet was on both formal nights on my last two cruises, it seems that alot of people dislike the formal night. Splitting the dining room in two might be the perfect alternative to make alot of people happy: casual dressers will no longer feel obligated to forego steak and lobster in favor of the buffet, formal dressers will no longer have to tolerate those dressed casually being within their line of sight during dinner, and, most importantly (to me at least), I would no longer have to see the buffet line swell to three times it's normal size or have to spend 1/2 an hour searching for a table just because it's formal night.
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