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I totally agree with Kuki, take a close look at a cruise ships ad, on TV all the people are dressed up for dinner, they show men in suits, ladies in dressy cocktail dresses, etc, etc, even kids all dressed up for dinner. That is a huge selling point, selling the ambiance of the cruise ship experience. If you are going to sell it, make it work. I think that the cruise lines are trying to make this work, with NCL and its FreeStyle leading the way. I think that people want more than the choice of the buffet, pizzeria or room service on formal nights. I think that designating a specific dining room(s) for formal nights, and enforcing that is a great idea that the cruise lines should really look into. I would even go so far as to leave a reply card in your stateroom, check off yes you will be dining formally or no you choose not to,and leave the card with your room steward.
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