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Default Re: Dress codes

Author: luv2cruise (
Date: 08-30-05 09:52
You asked why those who don't like formal night don't choose a line like NCL or Windstar? I can't answer for everyone, but for me, it's because dress code is only a small portion of the cruise experience and, unfortunately, NCL and Windstar don't offer the rest of the package that I'm looking for. Why don't you choose a line like Cunard where you know the dress code will be enforced?

Actually Cunard (and even the more luxurious lines like Radisson Seven Seas) don't enforce their dress codes either. And to be honest I'm not at all stuck on sailing lines that still have formal nights, and dress codes. I'd actually like to try NCL's Freestyle, which I haven't done yet... for example.

What I am for is the cruise lines enforcing all their "suggested rules of behavior", because people being people.... they see someone "breaking" one rule with no consequence, they then feel they too have the right to "break" which ever ones suit them.
My view (and suggestion to the cruise lines)... If you dont MEAN IT, don't bother putting it in print. A waste of ink!!!

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