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Default Princess Pool Policy

Hi All:

We are just back from the CB (Aug 27-Sep 03)...great cruise....great weather...BUT...dismayed to find that the pools and hot tubs now have "hours" ( 0600 (or 0700 ?) to 12 Midnight)....24/7 availability of at least some pools and hot tubs was a big reason behind us cruising Princess in the first place (we now have several other reasons, as well)...but...what a disappointment!! The Cust Serv desk said that the pools and hot tubs had to be serviced and disinfected, etc., but couldn't give me a source on the hours...I later did see it referenced on a desk card in the this a new Princess policy?? What a disappointment if it is.....or was it a short-term measure due, perhaps, to the fact that there were 500+ kids on that cruise?? Anybody know for sure??
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