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Default Jewel 9/18 New England./ tour or not to tour??

Hi! I have looked at various sites of places the ship will be visiting and wonder if anyone has taken any of the official boat tours versus independent tours I see mentioned, and which are really absolutely worth taking?
I am taking my Mom and aunt on this trip - they are older but adventurous - and I am more we discussed them going on "easy tours" in case there is something a bit more adventurous I might want to do, though it would be nice to do some tours together that don't require too much walking on their part. Perhaps there are some "don't miss" tours you can recommend?
Since I have never been on this cruise, I am not familiar with the usual tour/relax on the cruiseand/or land ratio! (smile)
I also happen to be addicted to antiquing/collecting so I wonder if any of these stops have any antique/thrift/flea markets/vintage shops in the area?

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