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Default Re: Sharing a cabin with a stranger

Originally Posted by Pat Hagan Singles Editor
For those of you planning to share a cabin with a stranger to avoid paying the single supplement, be sure to read my article now featured on Cruisemates home page: "Top Ten List, The Ideal Cabin Mate."

Pat Hagan
Cruisemates Singles Editor
A good read Pat, I say it depends on the personality of the guests who are cruising and they need to talk weeks before hand to see if they match especially for the 5 days or more cruises.

The reason I would go it alone is to leave out the uncertainity that rooming with a stranger curtails. For example, if either one of us met someone and wanted to invite her back to the cabin. Or if the person is into drugs which I am not or someone who is not responsible like ordering room service going through personal belongings.

I prefer to plan the cruise a year ahead pay extra to have the peace of mind that my cruise adventure will go smoothly . . . selfish? No.
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