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I like the idea of just raising the fares by $10 per day and being done with it, if we could really be "done with it". But I think in reality one of two things will happen:

1) Some people will tip extra either because they didn't know that tips were included or because they are being generous. Overtime, I think the expectation may become that EVERYBODY should tip extra and those who don't will be labeled as cheap by both the crew and other passengers. We'll be right back to the same problem that we have now.

2) Another possibility is that some of the extra-friendly treatment that people have become accustomed to may disappear if there is no expectation of a reward at the end. I'm easy to please, serve me my food and clean my cabin and I'm happy so I wouldn't mind this a bit. But I think that those who like to feel that they have made lifelong friends with their waiters or who feel special because he remembers their name and their drink preferences will be disappointed to find that this level of service disappears when the tips are no longer discretionary.

I would be interested to see what happens overtime with the mandatory service charge that NCL is imposing. If it works for them, then it would probably work for other cruiselines, but from what I have read so far on these boards, many people are confused by this system and question whether they should tip more in addition to the service charge. This is my fear of what would happen if tips were paid as part of the cruise fare, especially since as part of the cruise fare (as opposed to a mandatory service charge as NCL is doing), it would be even less obvious that tips were already paid.
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