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Big difference between bringing a bottle on board and harrassing a innocent passenger, kiku. They CHECK luggage and carryons, so they KNOW about the booze. If they let u keep it, then they are allowing u to. Nobody gets hurt. Silly comparison
I could personally care less if someone wants to take a bottle onboard for IN CABIN consumption.

But it's not a silly comparison at all. Both acts are breaking the rules set out by the cruise lines, and both people are choosing which rules apply to them. If everyone onboard has that right, then no one has any right to complain about any behavior of another passenger. That's the logical conclusion.

A little smoke blown in your face isn't doing any harm either. It just smells bad

The problem is people seem to want to have it both (their) ways!

They'll get upset when someone takes their lounger by the pool (which aren't supposed to be saved) because they went back to their cabins to fill up their sports cups with drinks, and took too long coming back.
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