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Both acts are breaking the rules set out by the cruise lines, and both people are choosing which rules apply to them.
No, since they search ur luggage and carryon, they KNOW if you have a bottle. If they don't take it, then they have agreed to ignore their own rule. After all, all they know the bottle is there, all they have to do is take it.

Harrassing passengers is ALWAYS wrong, at least to me.

If everyone onboard has that right, then no one has any right to complain about any behavior of another passenger. That's the logical conclusion.
Even assuming you smuggled a bottle on without them knowing and broke a rule, I don't follow the "logic" that if anybody breaks one rule, then they can't complain about any other rule-breaking. So if i save a pool chair, I "can't complain" if somebody harrasses my mom by blowing smoke in her face or even attacks her? If that is your idea of a logical conclusion . . . then we don't agree.

I think the difference is my moral code is rooted in caring about people. That is why testing the limits on this or luggage weight, etc. isn't a moral issue, even if it is breaking a "rule". And I sure don't see it as "the same" as annoying or hurting another person.

The problem is people seem to want to have it both (their) ways!
No, people want to challenge rules in ways that don't hurt or annoy a soul and see if the company allows it.
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