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Default Salaries

its not really good to ask people what they are making. Its kind of an unspoken rule, unless you are between friends, behind closed doors. I can tell you that the line I'm working for now is paying me almost $200/ week more than the last one, but you get what you pay for. The more luxurious, the higher pay, plus the higher the standards. If you want to start low you can apply to something like Carnival, but as the lines become more expensive, its pretty obvious that you can make your own assumptions on salary. IT usually has a different type of budget than the Pursers Dept, which usually has much less. I have a bunch of I/S manager friends, who had "perks" that other departments just couldn't afford. I think you would have to find the job you "really" want and forget about the money. However, you can check out various recruiting sites that will give you a rough estimate for salaries. No cruise line is going to tell you before you are hired. Hope I helped.
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