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>Wonder where they came up with the word avatar to describe a

>picture. Guess using the word picture would be too obvious. Anyway,

>personally I find them distracting especially if there is one sentence and

>forty sixteen spaces of vanity avatars filling up my screen.

The Avatar is only the picture in the upper left corner of the message under the senders name.

The other stuff is part of the signature.



n. Syn. [in Hindu mythology, the incarnation of a god]
1. Among people working on virtual reality and cyberspace
interfaces, an "avatar" is an icon or representation of a user in a
shared virtual reality. The term is sometimes used on MUDs. 2.
[CMU, Tektronix] root, superuser. There are quite a few Unix
machines on which the name of the superuser account is `avatar'
rather than `root'. This quirk was originated by a CMU hacker who
found the terms `root' and `superuser' unimaginative, and thought
`avatar' might better impress people with the responsibility they
were accepting.

It helps to remind you who is righting the post. So many people have the same name or a similar name , but the picture is quickly set in your memory.

I like then too. (can you tell :-))

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