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I guess I can go rob a bank now, cause I'm not going to hurt anyone except for the big rich bank, that has too much money anyway. Different situation, same logic.
that is another silly analogy. bank robbing is criminal and DOES hurt somebody -- the bank. bringing ur own bottle "hurts" the cruise line in the same sense that "not playing in the casino enough" or "not buying enough drinks" or "not using the speciality restaurant" does. Yah, you would not be spending as much $$ as they want u too. But like i said, they KNOW you have a bottle .. they check the luggage, right? If they choose not to hold it, then good for you.

A better bank analogy would be overdrawing ur account and hoping to get a desposit in before they notice. (rule breaker! robber! criminal!) Or driving 36 in a 35 zone (rule breaker! no different than bank robbing! same logic same logic!)

I know, i know, it gets you . . .
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