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anyways.....I don't have enough patience to wrie out my opinion on this would take too long, but
I have an issue with the cruise line using a safety inspection to confiscate liquor. I don't think they should use their responsibility of ensuring our safety against bombs etc as a means saying......"oh ho, you have booze, must take it"
Also, morals have varying degrees. Each person must find what they are confortable with, their conscience, their god, etc. murder vs. speed limit vs. booze in your cabin, etc. Any person who has truly never done even the slightest thing that is immoral would truly be a saint or pretty close to god. So we all have done little things like make a little excuse about something, or a little white lie.
There is no right or wrong in this issue, I think the key is to set your own limit with regards to morals, know what your values are, and stick to your limits. Then judge yourself by your own rules when your reflect upon your life at some point and are thinking about your relationship with God.
Meaning if you think the booze/cabin thing is not morally okay, then stick by it and don't break your rule. If you think it's okay then be sure you can live with yourself.

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