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If I go again I will take a bamboo raft down the Martha Brae River, this is a calm relaxing thing not as exciting as white water rafting also not dangerous, but I have never done white water rafting. I did go to Dunn's River falls, and although the water is warm and it's a very pretty unusual site I will tell you what I did not like, everyone has to hold hands in line and help each other up the water fall. We had a women who was very obese behind us and out of shape, my boyfriend had to help her using two hands, he let me go alone and I feel and cut myself on the rocks. The wonderful staff at Dunn's river refused to help this woman, or me then expected us to tip them for their dis- service. Other people go every day and rave about it, but my experiance was ruined. Keep a mental note of who is in line behind you cause you are expected to help them.
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