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Ain't that the truth!

The little things are disappearing from most popular-priced lines, slowly but very surely. After a cruise a few weeks ago on which the little things were in extremely short supply, we've begun to seriously re-evaluate our cruising philosophy.

We are considering trying some of the more expensive lines, and perhaps cruising a bit less frequently to help offset the additional cost. Although we certainly subscribe to the belief that there's no such thing as a bad day on a cruise, the mass-market sameness--and the obvious corner-cutting--is starting to get to us.

Plus, walking around a ship on embarkation afternoon these days is sort of like strolling through a small-town street fair. . .

Buy a soda card?
Buy a specialty restaurant reservation?
Buy a wine tasting?
Buy a massage and some woo-woo spa treatments?
Buy wine for dinner?
Buy an umbrella drink?
Buy a cruise video? (In advance)

Pretty soon I expect to see them selling corn dogs and apples on a stick. God, I hope I'm not giving them ideas.

It's not that we mind buying the things we want--we're perfectly aware of what is and isn't included in the cruise price. It's the persistent, almost frantic hawking that's getting on our nerves. They're even coming around to the dinner tables now selling their wine tastings. Gimme a break.

"I'm dining at the moment thank you. Please go away."

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