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Originally Posted by philnyy
In response to a previous question, Club Getaway reserves about 300 spaces on their cruises (and weekends), and they keep the guy/girl ratio at about 50/50. I believe last year's cruise had 265 guests. Barring any disasters, I will be going on their cruise again in Feb. '06 (along with about 25 others from the '05 cruise). Phil
I have been on their website and they have SOLDOUT of the low priced cabins and I was tempted to sign up for the cruise but had to decline because of I wanted a solo room with balcony and the money was not there. Also being a "high profile" cruise you tend to get alot of guys running around the ship trying to "hook up" with the single women and the single women who are put off by those guys. You will get alot of folks putting on aires to impress each other. So if you are trying to meet someone on that cruise this not the ship to be on.

Through I would love to see the photos and trip reports from guest of the Trump and the Feb 06 cruise.

Anyone agree with me on this?
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