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Default Re: Cruise Lines Don't Get It!

Originally Posted by Anne Campbell
My biggest challenge on any ship is finding deck space that is quiet since all I want is the sound of the ocean. Regarding art auctions, I avoid them because I see the same art selling on every ship I sail on (I've been on LOTS of cruise ships, remember). But if you see something you really love, why not buy it? Art beats a t-shirt as a souvenir any day.

I was once at a piano bar on a Royal Caribbean ship and started a conversation with the pianist. She graduated from Julliard, the top music school in the country. So I asked her why she was basically playing "musak" in the cocktail lounge. She said that if she tried Classical or Jazz the place would empty out fast. People only want background music they know when the focus is conversation. Anything else and it disrupts the conversation.

I live in New York, which says a lot. I avoid all cruise ship entertainment and have been known to tell a cruise line executive: "I'll say nice things about your ship if you don't make me go to your floor show." That always brings a laugh. But I certainly want to know what passengers think of it! You are all more knowledgeable about cruise ship entertainment than I am!
I am also a New Yorker, although I retired to Alexandria, VA 17 years ago. I remember some excellent entertainment on cruise ships within the last 20 years.

Let me cite the wonderful pre-dinner concerts in the Garden Lounge on board the Vistafjord, when she sailed for Cunard.

Let me mention pianists like Brooks Ahron.

I could go on and on. What has caused the deterioration in entertainment?

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