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I'm pretty moderate in my feelings about my cruise right now. We go out in about 4 weeks and I probably won't really get revved up until I start packing, which will be the week we leave. Also, we are going down a day early, so I'll have to be ready by the Friday. I also work full-time, so what generally happens is that I get caught up in the work deadlines and end up forgetting about family deadlines--like sending out birthday cards, etc.

The time the cruise REALLY hits me is at the point when that first photo is taken before going aboard, and THEN when I hear that Caribbean music when I enter the Ship and the staff is pointing the way to the proper elevator for our deck. That's when I know I'm really cruising!!!

The second point is the time when we pull out of port-in our case, Port Everglades. Once we make the turn up the Channel towards the ocean, and then hear all the horns and people greeting us from the white apt building and THEN enter the ocean--I am on my way!!! Few to no thoughts about home or work will exist for the rest of the week.

It also doesn't hurt having folks from your cruise or roll call recognize you as you pull into the terminal and they start shouting, "Hey Lynne" and waving. Then presenting you with a special gift they bought you for the cruise. That happened last year. I'm still corresponding with that particular family.

So, are you excited yet?????? Anything witha tropical beat should get you in the mood this week! Lynne
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