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Default Re: Anything I Should Know RE: Silversea?

Well Karen...

It is hard not to say Silversea is the best. The appointments are beautiful and the food and drink are delicious. Anything you want is at your beck & call, even if it is caviar served in your cabin by room service with a nice bottle of wine.

The cabins are comfortable and quiet - each of them is a "suite" with a long couch, a big bed and plenty of movies and television to watch. When I was aboard every cabin had a VCR. Im sure that is a DVD player now.

I loved the buffets as well, including the home-made ice cream. Wine is included and there are wine & champagne tastings all the time.

Night-time is a little quiet with a small casino and quaint entertainment. This is a small ship, so you don't expect Carnival-style production shows. The nighttime pre-post dinner dancing is fun if you like that.

My only advice is not to think about what you are paying for it (they are also the most expensive) and to just enjoy it. I saw a few people get so caught up in their outrageously high expectations that they missed their vacation my doting on what was wrong - and it wasn't much.
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