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Default Re: Dress code questions

Originally Posted by Ladystella
1) Can we wear sweats during the cruise? I don't mind dressing up for dinner, but I don' want to be wearing dress pants all day, especially while relaxing on deck, or walking around. I'll be on Celebrity going to Alsaka in Sept, and I was wondering if the dress codes allows for us to wear sweats (nice sweats) while lounging around during the day.

2) For the semi-formal nights, do you think it's okay to wear black slacks, and a red sweater (I'm female). I don't want to bring a pantsuit, and I'm already bringing two dresses for the formal nights. The dress code says "Pants outfit" is okay for the semi-formal nights. Do you guys think pants and a sweater is considered a suitable "pants outfit"?

You can wear absolutely anything you wish on board during the day!

The red sweater and black slacks will be fine for semi-formal. (Dress on ships now is lots more lax than it use to be.) I try to wear something for semi-formal that I'd wear to a business meeting at night.

Most really do DRESS for dinner on Formal Nights and stay DRESSED all evening as requested. Love it! Everyone looks great!

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