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We, or at least I, had to laugh when we boarded the Glory a few weeks ago. I had a Platnium card and my wife had a Gold card! All the staff were so accomodating to me with this card while with my wifes gold card they were nice but not bowing and scraping like they were to the Platmiun folks. Boy was she ticked off and wanted to know why and who in the world I was cruising with without her! It was very nice. Not sure if the Platmiun card was the reason or not but I was invited to a 'special' cocktail party with the Captian & Staff Officers in a small room. Very nicec with great hor dors' and call drinks. Not like the past cruisers party as the food and drinks were really fancier and we were able to talk with the senior Officers and Captian. I say I am not sure if it was the Platmiun card or not as I did know a few of the Staff and not sure if it was their doing or the card. I did see a family in there but there was only about two dozen people in there besides the Staff. Anyone with a Platnium card get this?
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