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Default Disney Wonder Review Day 1

Day 1

This was our first Disney Cruise but my 4th cruise all together. I took our youngest daughter age 12 on this cruise as a reward for outstanding academic grades.

We booked this in July if I can remember right and booked it online. This was the first time I booked online and it worked out well. The price was outstanding for this kind of cruise.

This was a 4 night cruise with stops in Nassau, Castaway Cay and one Sea Day.
We live in SWFL and my husband drove us to Port Canaveral. We left around 6am and arrived at 10 am. Boarding was to take place at 1030am. This was my first time in Port Canaveral and I was impressed how calm and organized everything was. Next to the Disney Wonder was the Mariner of the Seas and she looked just majestic. This is another ship I would like to try out! Soon we said good bye to my husband and we walked into the terminal. We had packed light and only had 2 bags which we carried on board. They had plenty of seating inside the terminal, friendly and bright colors everywhere. TV monitors played Disney movies and also showed Castaway Cay Island.

Check in was very painless and to our surprise we received an upgrade! It was the same inside cabin but we moved to Deck 5 from Deck 2. This worked out very well for us. They would not let anyone on the ship until 1130am so we sat down, checked out the crowds and also the life size mini ship that was in the middle of the terminal that showed all the decks including the chairs!
At 1130am they let people on the ship and right away it was "Magical." When we stepped on the ship they asked for our names and the crew gave everyone a standing ovation and said the name of the family with lots of clapping of hands. Nice touch! Next came something one was allowed in their cabins until 130pm. The halls had a big robe in front and there was no way of dropping of luggage or checking out the cabin. Again, it was very organized and no chaos. We were directed to the Parrot Cay restaurant which had vibrant colors and you could hear birds singing in front of the doors. We sat down and treated ourselves to a nice buffet lunch. The food was good but I can't remember what I had. The staff was very friendly and this continued through out the cruise. Always a hello, always trying to help. After lunch we went to deck 5 and waited to check out our cabin. When they let us in our cabin I was surprised how spacious it was. The cabin was very clean and we had enough space for our clothes. The bathroom had a tub/shower and was large too. We met our cabin steward and he was a nice fellow. My main concern was the assigned dinner time Disney had given us 830pm which was way too late for me to eat. There was a specific time we had to be at a lounge to change the dinner time and we headed there to try to get it changed. They took our name and told us they would call us to let us know if we could switch. Also took a trip to the Spa on deck 9 and took a tour. No pressure to buy anything, nothing was offered which I thought was nice. I liked the Tropical Rainforest which is a room that has a sauna, steam room and aroma therapy and I booked it for the entire cruise at a cost of $45 which I thought was reasonable. At the time of booking I had asked if it was just for woman or coed and the sales lady assured me it was for females only<otherwise I would not have booked it> Come to find out it was for both genders, more on that later.
WE went back to our cabin which was an Aft location and put our swimming suits on. Disney Wonder has 3 pools. One is a Mickey pool with a slide, a family pool and an adult pool only. They all have hot tubs but I never tried them out. The pool is kind of small but it was okay. We had to be back in our cabin because the boat drill was at 4pm. This went fairly smoothly and after that I went back to the cabin and called to find out about our dinner time. We did get early seating which was at 615pm. We changed and went to the Parrot Cafe again. At Disney you change restaurants but you rotate with your dining companions and the same waiters. We sat at a table of 8 and there was just another couple. The lady was ill and wasn't talking and I was disappointed to sit there with no one to talk to at all. At that time the ship was moving and we hit some rough waters. It felt like the ship was going very very fast. I was starting to feel sick myself! I don't remember what we ate and I know we skipped dessert. The Disney production "Hercules the musical" started at 830pm and the theater was very nice. The ship continued to rock a lot and I kept feeling sicker and sicker. As we sat there we had a woman sit next to us with her daughter <age 11> We started talking and ended up spending time together on the entire cruise. They have a Christian back ground as well and we got along great. The funny thing was they had the same last name as us. The show was okay but I wasn't impressed. I was disappointed since I always had seen good Disney productions. I was glad when it was over and we went back to our cabin. On our way there we stopped at the Internet cafe on deck 3 and I wrote a quick e-mail to my husband. When we finally made it to the cabin I was ready for bed! The ship was rocking terribly and I made a quick dash for the bathroom where all my food came back out. I was so sea sick! For the next hour or so I rotated between sink and toilet. I finally felt better and crawled into my bed. My daughter was sleeping and before she went to sleep she had filled out the breakfast card for room service the next morning. Next day..Nassau!
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