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Default How much to tip for incidentals

Tipping is not big or common in Australia. We usually only tip balances, say the $3 change of a $27 tab to a waiter or the loose change to a taxi driver - nobody else really. Wages are regarded as being adequate on there own.

It sometimes leads to embarrassment overseas and to our perhaps depriving workers of their due. For example, it was only after a cruise that I discovered that I should have tipped room service. I had assumed that all tips were included in the $10 pp/d.

But how much should I tip? Suggestions I have heard in the past refer to a small tip, but what it that? How much should we tip a taxi driver in Honolulu? A porter in a hotel? A bus driver? A ticket collector? Who else?

Looking forward to next cruise on Norwegian Wind.

Regards to all
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