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Default Disney Wonder Review Day 4 Day at Sea

Disney Wonder Review Day 4 Sea Day

The previous day my daughter informed me she wanted to sleep in. I got up early and headed upstairs to find out it was raining. This just added to my sadness knowing this cruise was coming to an end! I ate breakfast at the Beach Blanket Buffet and afterwards I headed down to the desk to straighten out my spa charge. Remember the tropical rainforest at the spa? I explained why I had not gone and why I would like to have my $45 refunded. He said he would look into it and give me a call later on. When I went into my cabin he did leave me a message and the charge was removed. I also went to the spa and treated myself to a haircut. The price was in my opinion high but it was fun and I enjoyed it. After a quick visit to the Internet I went to wake up my daughter so she could get some breakfast. My daughter and I had not shopped yet and as I laid on deck 4 on a wooden lounge chair with extra thick padding she went shopping. To my surprise she came back with a gift for me, a Disney mug that said "I love you Mom" She also bought 2 charm bracelets. I went there later and made some purchases also. The chair was very comfortable and I felt like going to sleep. unfortunately some smokers joined the deck and I had to leave. This was a very rare event of having a smoker around. On Disney many places are smoke free including all the inside cabins. This is very nice since the cabins don't stink. We had a few things planned for that day and the weather had changed also and it was getting warm again. My daughter wanted to see the Magic& ventriloquism guy again as he gave a demonstration so off we went. I must say I enjoyed it but he pushed his products a bit too much. I had not had a chance to play Bingo at all so we went to the early one with our new friends and I won $49! We went again later that night for the Jackpot but we did not win anything. That night was the big dinner night meaning at "The Animator's Palate." I heard many great things about this room as it goes from black&white to color throughout dinner. We did check out the menu and disappointment was on both of us. So we decided to go on the pool deck and eat some fries at Pluto's Dog house. This wasn't the first time we ate there and the fries came out hot and crunchy. The cart had all the trimmings by the side including tons of potato chip bags. I tried the chicken sandwich one time and it was good but spicy. On deck 9 they also had Pinocchio's Pizzeria but we never made it there. The only surcharge restaurant Palo's was for adults only <$10 each> and I never went there. However our other table mates tried to go there but it was totally booked through out the entire cruise! As we ate some fries the two girls went and played ping pong.Again, we had great conversation and time flew by. The restaurant was indeed a nice experience but dinner wasn't great. The couple ordered a steak medium well and I told him considering how mine was at medium rare his must be a leather shoe. unfortunately it was and it was way too done for him! What surprised us was that they did not serve any lobster on the cruise! Even when I went on a short RCCL cruise they served it. But maybe they changed it there too. This was also the night to give out tip envelopes. Our ass water was very nice <forgot her name> and I handed her something extra when I shook her hand. What a sweet girl she was. Our waiter was fine but again nothing to write home about. The evening was "enhanced" by 4 different accidents in our area by dropping plates, glasses, food and something on a guest. Very interesting! The waiter also told us come back to the same restaurant in the morning for breakfast.

Afterwards we went to the theater and watched "Dreams." It says on the flyer" Fly through the air with Peter Pan and your imagination as many classic Disney characters spring to life. With a little Faith, Trust and Pixie dust you'll see that your dreams can come true!"

The show was fantastic but I had some little girls behind me who totally screamed when a new Disney character would show up<in excitement kind of like the girls during the Beatles concerts> But on the other hand it was nice to experience their excitement too and it was so cute and innocent. Afterwards the girls went to the oceaneer lab to pick up a graduation hat and the animation cell they had made. It was time to retire to our cabin and start packing! We checked our e-mail and off course my daughter ordered chocolate chip cookies and we watched a movie on TV. We had wanted to go to the Disney Cinema but just never had time.

Tomorrow dealing with immigrations and final thoughts!
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