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I am not sure if cruises on Carnivals parent lines count to the Platinum status. I was wondering when the program started I was on my 15 Carnival cruise this year and only got a gold card. I am going on another and hope I get the platinum. If you know more information post it.

11/03/07 Carnival Triumph
06/12/07 Miracle again
12/4/2006 Fascination
11/04/2006 Fantasy
8/06/2006 Sensation Again
6/16/2006 Carnival Valor
12/15/2005 Inspration
5/29/2005 Carnival victory
4/24/2005 Carnival Pride
12/2004 Imagination
6/2004 Carnival Miracle
11/2003 Sensation
6/2003 Dawn
5/2003 Carnival Legend
6/2002 Sensation
7/2001 Sensation
5/2001 Carnival Destiny
72000 Sensation
4/2000 Carnival Triumph
5/1999 Carnival Destiny
5/1998 Imagination
5/1997 Sensation
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