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RR & TC---

I don't think our group and you two ever met up on this cruise. We all missed the FOD, as we slept in late the first sea day (too much partying Friday night in Fort Lauderdale, and then again the first night we sailed in the disco). By the time we all woke up, we realized the FOD party had come and gone.

I know there was quite a bit of "family" on board, and we met quite a few in the disco and the spa.

Our group was in the disco every night from about 11-2 or so except the very last night. We sat at the same table (against the back glass wall, in front of the entry to the dance floor closest to the dj booth). We were usually 3-4 guys, and sometimes a girl or two from our group was with us.

Trying to figure out if we met or saw you guys or not. We're you in the disco at all? Did you attend the FOD?

We had a good cruise and hope you did too. Too bad we never formally met (at least I don't think we did).
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