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Starboard (people) are very nice. Most people working under starboard well they what they are for a hiring company. Working shops is a easy job--you will not do it for money at all --travel yes. I've loved it and cannot think of a better place but I also except the living onboard which is the hardest to deal with---the cruise LIFESTYLE--like no other!! Company see's you as cheap labour though if you have any problems basically quit--it saves them a ton of cash when everyone quits cause you pay for everything. So try it--once you go to an interview your hired--they cannot hire enough--the turnaround is crazy. 14 people in 5 months NO one finishd contract WHY--well it's the life style really--long hours little pay and time off yes the couple hours in a day depending itinerary but sleep--time to your self --and freedom to do whatever--you trade for the ship life. I LOVE it!!! but try it--have fun--oh and whatever your told in interview--basically is a lie though!!!haha they really try to get everyone signed to a contract. But You meet tons of cool people and see alot --on land and ship!! Good Luck!! Nothing ever like it!
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