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I've done it twice, once in August 2005 and once in April 2004 and loved it both times. It's very similar to swimming with the dolphins. There's an introduction periods and then you get in the pool with about 8-9 other people. You get to pet, kiss, and hold the sea lion while in the water. There are some tricks such as holding hands with another person to create an arch and the sea lion jumps over you, etc. At the end you get out of the water and have a hug and kiss goodbye. The whole program runs about 30-40 min. I found I enjoyed this just as much as the dolphin swim (and it was cheaper). I didn't plan to do it in August 2005, but our snorkeling trip was cancelled due to rough water (thanks Katrina!) so I had to do something else with the kids. They all wanted to swim with the sea lions again.

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