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Default MSC Don't Go???

It really doesn't surprise me that a majority of the people who write poor reviews have other issues. Don't forget folks this is an ITALIAN cruise line and not a large facsimile of the good old american way. You should embrace that which is in front of and around you. If you don't like it suck it up, it's only a few days.

My wife and I are going on the Opera in March. Are we excited? Oh Yes!!! What if we don't have a good time? Probably not gonna happen. To escape a cold Canadian winter in any capacity is a welcome thought.

Just think, you could be stuck in Wisconsin, freezing at a Packers game and eating cheddar. At least mine will be Parmigiano and the temperature will be hot!

Don't forget life is meant to live and the Italians live life so well.

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