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I'm happy to read that you, Arlene and the family are enjoying your cruise, Marc. That's terrible about your luggage! I'm glad that it finally showed up.

Like other posters, I spent some time (2 years) in Vietnam. Based in Saigon, I often got C-130 or U21 flights to DaNang and wherever else the job took me in country. Of course, I never got to Hanoi or Ha Long Bay. Many of my memories are good, the best being that I found my wife Kim there. Having met her, you can probably understand my feelings. We haven't gone back since '71, but might do so one of these days.

Glad to read that you saw the Cu Chi tunnels. That's history with a cruel twist! Enjoy your time in Bangkok, Singapore and Cambodia. I never did get to see Angkor Wat, but from what I've heard it's an interesting place to visit. Happy cruising!

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