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Well, it's sad to say I have alittle "first hand" experience with this phenomenon living here in New Orleans..We are starting to get out of town folks who have a morbid curiousity about coming to our city to see the devasation and destruction and take lots of pictures of people's homes destroyed while the home owners are there trying to gather their little if any life remains.

I guess it's the same thinking of people who rubber neck when there is a major car wreck that might included someone being killed.

I think it falls into the "thank God it wasn't my town being hit by a cat 5 hurricane. We are scheduled to go to Cozumel the week of 11/13 out of Galveston on the me the LAST thing I want to see is destruction from a hurricane..I scheduled this cruise to escape the destruction in New Orleans, plus I'm lucky, this is a smooth jazz cruise and people paid a premium for the music, not the ports although I'm sure my friends will try to jump start the local economy by buying everything in sight

I've come to the conclusion that left to our own devices, people are strange
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