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A good rule is to never book a Caribbean (or even an eastern Canadian) cruise in the fall, because of the possibility of hurricanes. Out of ignorance, we booked the RCI Spendour of the Seas (SOS) in Sept. '99 out of Boston and north up the Canadian coast. Hurricane Floyd had the same itinerary at the same time! It was hitting Boston on embarkation day, with a projected route the same as ours. There were a good number of other ships in the Boston port with about the same itineraries. All but the SOS and the Carnival (Triumph, I believe) canceled and refunded and sent guests home. But the SOS and Carnival departed, albeit about six hours late. My guess is the Captains were arguing with the home offices and urging canclation, and lost to "the suits." The first day, the Carnival ship was hit broadside by a large wave and listed over far enough to do some damage and cause some injuries. The Carnival ship returned to Boston, refunded, and sent everybody home. But the SOS plowed on, missing about half of the ports and navigating waters so rough that only war would justify it. After it was al over RCI gave no credits or refunds to anybody. Of course, RCI has no responsibilty for the existance of a hurricane ---- only for the stupid decission to sail out into the middle of one.

Here's hoping that all cruises scheduled for the Yucatan and far western Caribbean either cancel or change itineraries to stay out of the hurricanes.

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